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Химический завод

HB 0350 FR

CAS 9003-07-0

HB 0350 FR is a medium Flow homopolymer with broad milecular weight distribution and is formulated with a low water carry-over additive package. Designed for production of films that can be converted into streched tapes (ruffia) for weaving applications.

HB 0322 BF

CAS 9003-07-0

HB 0322 BF is a polypropylene homopölymer designed for the production of biaxially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP). The product is suitable for metallizable film, both as monolayer and in coextruded structures. It contains a standard processing stabilisation but does not contain any slip, antiblocking agents and no Calcium Stearate is intentionally added. HB 0322 BF offers good optical, easy processing and very good film profile. Typical aoolications are BOPP packaging films and Solid Phase Thermoforming sheets.

HB 910 CF

CAS 9003-07-0

HB 910 CF does not contain slip and anti-blocking additives. It is typically used by customers for cast films with many different applications, such as packaging and lamination films for foodstuffs (pasta, snacks, bisquits, bakery products and confectionery), or film for packaging of flowers and books stationary. Films made with HB 910 CF have been reported by customers to exhibit very high transparensy and high gloss.

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Химический завод

HB 0456 FR

CAS 9003-07-0

HB 0456 FR is a PPH used for extrusion and thermoforming applications. It has a conventional molecular weight distribution and formulated with a low water carry-over additive package. Typical applications are monofilaments, ropes and tapes.

HB 2500 BF

CAS 9003-07-0

HB 2500 BF is a homopolymer polypropylene used by customers for injection moulding applications. It eshibits a high fluidity combined with a good stiffness. HB 2500 BF is suitable for food contact.

HB 2662 FS

CAS 9003-07-0

HB 2662 FS is a non-phthalate polypropylene Homopolymer used for extrusion applications. It has a very narrow molecular weight distribution and is formulated with anti-gasfading stabilisation package. HB 2662 FS is used for the produktion of continuous filaments. Typical applications are high-tenacity yarns and spunbond nonwovens.

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